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   [MOU] The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)
Memorandum of Understanding and singing ceremony were held  on Nov 6th 2011, by Professor Youn Kyung Cha, the president of The Korean Association of  Multicultural Education (KAME) along with the cooperation of Professor Christine Sleeter from The National Association for Multicultural Education(NAME) located in Washington for the purpose of developing Multicultural Education in the future.

Under this agreement, Multicultural Education in South Korea and the United States will foster mutual exchange of resources listed below:

- Annual Conference to be held in both institutions and exchanges of human resources at official events
- Exchange of information through website in the major events of official Conferences, events, and, etc.
- Equivalent membership benefits to members of KAME to participate in official events organized by NAME.

We expect multicultural education research in South Korea and in America can bebefit from this program and  play active roles in the fields of multicultural education research.

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