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   2018 KAME International Conference & Registration Information
2018 KAME International Conference & Registration Information

Greetings from KAME!

We are pleased and excited to present the following information about this year’s KAME International Conference.

1. Schedule Information
1) Topic : Working Together for a Better Multicultural Society
2) Dates : May 23 (Wed) – May 25 (Fri), 2018
3) Location : SNU Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

KAME has been holding international conferences and making academic exchanges with two foreign academic associations:
1) NAME, The National Association for Multicultural Education
2) IAIE, The International Association for Intercultural Education

The world’s leading scholars from NAME and IAIE will be participating and making presentations at the 2018 KAME International Conference.

Moreover, for this year's KAME International Conference, more than 40 foreign scholars from all over the world and more than 40 Korean scholars will be participating as presenters, making this year's conference ever so exciting.

The world's leading scholars in the field of multicultural education are invited for the 2018 International Conference:

∎ Invited Keynote Speakers:
Francisco Rios (Woodring College of Education, USA)
Carl Grant (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
In Suk Han (University of Utah Asia Campus, USA)

∎ Invited Paper Presenters:        
Gao Fang (The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Gerald Fry (University of Minnesota, USA)
Ines Gil-Jaurena (National Distance Education University, Spain)
Ann E. Lopez (University of Toronto/OISE, Canada)
Bette Tate-Beaver (National Association for Multicultural Education, USA)
Njoki Wane (University of Toronto/OISE, Canada)
Miri Yemini (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Yuet Mui Celeste Yuen (The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

∎ KAME Travel Awardees
Sara Young (Worcester State University, USA) & Raymond Yu-Kuang Young (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Jemimah Young (University of North Texas, USA, USA)

2. Early Registration & On-site Registration
∎ Early registration for the Conference: April 11 (Wed) – May 18 (Fri)
∎ Onsite registration for the Conference: May 24 (Thu) – May 25 (Fri)
∎ Please complete the following procedure (by May 18, 2018) for early registration:

1) Complete the earyl registration form by copying and pasting the link:
2) Make a payment on-site at the conference (CASH ONLY)

For more detailed information, please find an attached "2018 KAME Conference Program" file
We are very much looking forward to meeting you at the conference in May.
Thank you!

-KAME Conference Organizing Committee-

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