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   2016 KAME International Conference registration information
Dear 2016 KAME members and persons,

Greetings from KAME!
We hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring!
We are pleased and excited to present the following information about this year's KAME International Conference. ​

1. Schedule Information
1) Topic: Envisioning New Possibilities of Multicultural Education
2) Dates: May 17 (Tues.) - May 19 (Thurs.), 2016
3) Location: SNU Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea  

KAME have been holding international conferences and making academic exchanges with two foreign academic associations through MOU:
1) NAME, The National Association for Multicultural Education
2) IAIE, The International Association for Intercultural Education

​The leading scholars from NAME and IAIE will be participating and making presentations at the 2016 KAME International Conference.

Moreover, for this year's KAME International Conference,
more than 50 foreign scholars from all over the world and more than 50 Korean scholars will be participating as presenters, making this year's conference ever so exciting.

The world's leading professors in the field of multicultural education are invited for the 2016 International Conference.

∎ Invited Keynote Speakers
  Sonia Nieto (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)
  Kevin Kumashiro (University of San Francisco, USA)
  Agostino Portera (University of Verona, Italy)
  Jabari Mahiri (University of California Berkeley, USA)

∎ Invited Presenters:
  Heribert Adam (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
  Bashir Bashir (The Open University of Israel, Israel)
  Gerald Fry (University of Minnesota, USA)
  William Gaudelli (Teachers College Columbia University, USA)
  Ines Gil-Jaurena (National Distance Education University, Spain)
  Wright Handel (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  Aydin Hasan (Yildiz Technical University, Turkey)
  Iain Hay (University of Canberra, Australia))
  Joon Kim (Colorado State University, USA)
  Misty Kirby (University of Canberra, Australia)
  Clifford Lee (St. Mary's College of California, USA)
  Ann E. Lopez (University of Toronto; OISE, Canada)
  Kogila Moodley (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  Kyoung-Ah Nam (American University, USA)
  Georgios Nikolaou (University of Patras, Greece)
  Audrey Osler (University for Leeds, UK)
  Bradley Shrimpton (International Baccalaureate, Singapore)
  Bette Tate-Beaver (National Association for Multicultural Education, USA)

  Moo Sung Lee(University of Canberra, Australia)
  Ann E. Lopez (University of Toronto; OISE, Canada)
  Kyoung-Ah Nam (American University, USA)

2. Early Registration & On-site Registration
∎ Registration for the Conference: May 18 (Weds.) – May 19 (Thurs.)

  The Last day for the early registration is May 9 (Mon). Please refer to our webpage for more details and register no later than May 9(Mon).
* Registration fees include admissions to conference sessions, luncheon, coffee breaks, proceedings, and registration materials.

∎ Please complete the following procedure (by May 9, 2016) for early registration

1. Complete the registration form by clicking the link:  Early Registration Form  
2. Send us a confirmation email (
3. Make a payment on-site at the conference (CASH ONLY)
*Important: You must complete the procedure in order to be registered with "early registration fees" ​

# Attachment : 2016 KAME International Conference Schedule

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.
We are very much looking forward to meeting you at the conference in May.

Thank you. ​

- KAME Conference Organizing Committee -

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