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2020 KAME International Conference & Registration Information
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<2020 KAME International Conference & Registration Information> 

Greetings from KAME! 

We are pleased and excited to present the following information about this year’s KAME International Conference.

#Schedule Information

1. Topic: Multicultural Education: Place, Progress and Pathways Forward

2. Dates: December 3. ~ December 5. 2020 (via Live ZOOM)

3. Procedures:  

(1) Before Conference:

- November 23. 2020: The collected Presentation Videos will be released along with 『the 2020 KAME Conference Proceedings (pdf file)』.

- Please watch the videos, before the Conference starts.  

(2) On the Conference Days :
- December 3.~ December 5. 2020: Discussions among session members and Keynote Speeches via Live ZOOM. 

- There will be neither workshops nor poster presentations.

■ Invited Keynote Speakers

· Gerald Walton Fry (University of Minnesota, USA)

· Christine Margaret Halse (The Educational University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

■ Invited Paper Presenters 

· Njoki Nathani Wane (University of Toronto, Canada)

· Kevin Norley (Bedford College, UK)

· Kevin C. Roxas (Western Washington University, USA)

· Minhee Eom, Jean Braithwaite (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA)

· Nannaphat Saenghong (Chiang Mai University, Thailand)

· Jeasik Cho (Texas Tech University, USA)

· Ann E. Lopez (University of Toronto, Canada)

· Hasan Aydin (Florida Gulf Coast University, USA)

· Amy Hutchinson (College of Southern Nevada, USA)

· Fang Gao (The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

■ KAME Travel Awardees

· Cong Lin, Liz Jackson (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

· Lewis W. Diuguid (Political Action Committee for NAME, USA), Bette Tate-Beaver (National Association for Multicultural Education, USA)

· Won Jung Kim (Michigan State University, USA)

#Registration Information
1. Registrations Fees




*School Teacher or Students


$ 50 (USD)

$ 70 (USD)

$ 10 (USD)

* 'Student'means full-time student only. 

** KAME Membership : http://www.kame.or.kr/2018eng/sub4.htm

2. Requests from the Organizing Committee

Please complete the following procedure. (by, December 1st, 2020)

1) Complete the Registration Form

- (English) https://forms.gle/RfEM9VWUGJ29jTGd6

- (Korean) https://forms.gle/U3n66PshcsShy77F8 

Please fill out this Google Survey Form and make a deposit based on your Status. (For deposit amount, please refer to the above registration fees table!)

2) Make a Payment with PAYPAL

- The Registration Fee can be deposited individually or by team.

- If you would like to pay on behalf of the team, please pay all members registration fee and indicate the name of representative depositor on the Google Survey Form.

- The Registration Process is successfully completed, after submitting the Form and depositing the Registration Fee. 

- if you have a Korean Bank account; 신한 100-029-567390 [예금주 : 한국다문화교육학회]

We are very much looking forward to meeting you at the Conference via ZOOM.

Thank you!

-2020 KAME Conference Organizing Committee